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  1. Willkommen 😉 Ich hoffe auf eine gute Zusammenarbeit.
  2. Welcome! Great to have you here.
  3. Welcome to the S0L.CO! I hope you find what you are looking for!
  4. Points System & Members Shop There is a point system on our platform, which rewards active users by awarding points. Points are not for sale and can only be obtained by posting topics, writing answers and getting positive reactions to posts/threads. How to get Points Points can only be earned through the following: Posting a Topic Replying to topics Receiving positive reactions to posts/threads Recruit a new user with your referral link Create a new topic/post each day How to spend Points You can spend your earned points in our Members Shop to activate special extras for your account, pin threads and much more. Please take a look at our Members Shop
  5. FREE VENDOR UNTIL WE REACHED 2000 USERS We give the Vendor Rank to anyone who already has a well-known website or offers services. Contact: @Wladyslaw Vendor Information Vendor is a rank that allows you to post in our Premium Marketplace. Furthermore, users with this rank have no limitation on the number of maximum sales. The Vendor rank is paid monthly. Payments (BTC, ETH, EMC) are only accepted by @Wladyslaw Vendor of Accounts, Services, Exchange, Keys & Codes 20$ monthly Vendor of Creditcards 40$ monthly Vendor of Payments & Bankdrops 60$ monthly Vendor of Fake IDs, Counterfeit Notes, Docs & Scans 80$ monthly Vendor of Tutorials, E-Books 45$ monthly Vendor of GFX 20$ monthly Vendor of Others xx$ monthly Please contact @Wladyslaw for a price offer depending on your field. Banner Information We sell advertising space where your advertisement can be placed in the form of a GIF, image or text. The banners may not break our content rules and may not contain third-party advertising for other forums that operate in the same area as us. Banner Small (30 days) 420px * 60px 30$ monthly Banner Large (30 days) 900px * 120px 65$ monthly Text Advertising (30 days) Up to 72 Characters HTML Formatting supported 20$ monthly Pin Thread(7 days) 15$ @ a marketplace section 10$ @ anywhere else TO PURCHASE OR FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE MESSAGE: @Wladyslaw Payment Methods: BTC, ETH, EMC
  6. WELCOME TO S0L.CO - S0L.IR - S0L.IS Our platform could contain content that the general public might consider illegal. For this reason we have decided to offer different backup domains and ask every member to save our domain list (Click here) in case our main domain is blocked. Forum Rules By registering, every user has agreed to the following rules. Aggressive, insulting, violence glorifying, radical, racist, discriminating and otherwise offensive statements are not tolerated. These are not permitted in user texts or contributions. #1 Liability for your account You are responsible for your account yourself If your account break the rules, your account will be penalized. It is up to you to secure your account. This includes a secure password and two factor authentication More than one account is not allowed Sharing your account with anyone is not allowed Account Names, which insult other forum members, fake users or similar are not allowed and affected accounts will be permanently banned #2 Thread rules Threads created in the wrong section will be deleted without warning. Double threads and spam threads are not wanted. If your thread's request has been resolved, please report the thread with the reason "please close". A moderator will close your thread as soon as possible Meaningless topic answers to bump (push) others or your own thread are not allowed. The thread must not break the general content rules (more below) Third-party advertising for other forums that are active in the same or a similar area is not permitted. Affected accounts will be permanently banned. Content Rules The following rules apply to all forms of content posted and distributed on our platform. Any slightest violation of these rules will be severely punished. We are setting these rules to protect our domains. There are no rules on our TOR version of the forum with the exception of No Child/Underage porn of any kind. There will be extreme consequences for this as we don't take this lightly. Everything else that is not listed is allowed on all of our forums. No content that promotes, retains or advertises terrorism. No porn of any kind (e-whoring is excluded from this rule). No personal information from forum members. Selling pharmaceuticals without a license. (Not restricted in our TOR version) Marketplace Rules The following rules apply to the sections: "Premium Vendors", "Users Selling", "Users Buying". Users without the "Vendor Rank" may sell a maximum of 5 times their product / service. After that the Vendor Rank must be applied for. The maximum and current number of sales must be clearly stated in the sales offer. Example: Sold 1/5 If the Buyer insists on using our escrow system, the Seller must agree to this. This is to protect both sides and to prevent scams. Advertising own products and services under other Marketplace Threads is not allowed. Using the PM (Private Message) function to send advertisements to other users is prohibited. For each vendor license only one offer thread may be created in the premium area. Vendors who have a vendor for product XYZ may only offer this product in the premium segment. For goods that are not online products and services, proof of authenticity must be provided. The Video should contain a paper with the forum name (S0L.CO), the username and the current date and the product clearly visible.

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