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  1. Brave Browser wants to be the fastest browser and the best privacy protected browser. Although the Internet is clearly controlled by Google and its Chrome, there are other browsers that insist on growing and presenting themselves as a viable and very interesting alternative. Brave finally is stable Brave is not a new browser. It has proven itself on the Internet and its credits are signed. The many users who already use it daily know of its usefulness and what it is mainly capable of offering. With an installed base of 8.7 million monthly users, it guarantees them something that few can achieve. This is a very fast browser that can easily beat heavy competition. Much of this performance comes from its second main point. The fastest browser on the Internet? Being focused on the privacy it manages to give users, Brave eliminates the loading of many of the elements used later to follow users, as well as aggressive advertising that hinders users' navigation. In a very simple way, you can guarantee that the navigation data is passed to the websites. This way you can keep the user anonymous, because it reveals only what is strictly necessary for the browsing experience to be pleasant. Privacy is a requirement of this new proposal Now, and after years of testing with new versions and new features, Brave has reached an important point. The ability to be used by everyone. If you are looking for a fast browser with high levels of privacy, then Brave is the solution you are looking for. Just go to and start a new Internet browsing experience.
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  4. Page Browser V1 is a tool to browse websites in a secure way. This program was developed for The program has 3 options to browse: Direct - Connects to any website directly using a normal window. Image - Connects to any website using a image service. This will get a full printscreen of the website and show as a image in a new window. At first the logged ip from the image service was from DE but now is from UAE. Proxy - Connects to any website using a glype proxy service. The logged ip is from US. Download Virus Scan: The file is in plain text
  5. GetBot is a program to manage the download of files from the web. It's easy to use and a user can download hundreds of files by just simply copying the link to the clipboard. Automaticaly GetBot will add the file to queue and start downloading. This is the cracked version available at . Download: Virus Scan: (1/60)
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  10. Safe, fast and friendly, Brave Browser loads most pages much faster than Chrome My computer is no longer the same and, due to a problem, i had to postpone replacing my machine for two months. For this reason, I choose to optimize my computer's software to the maximum, to make it faster. I started using exclusively the Brave browser instead of Chrome and, to my surprise, everything was significantly faster. If you still don't know Brave Browser, don't worry, as compared to Google Chrome, this browser is still considered very small. However, this does not mean that it is not growing, on the contrary, today there are more than 4 million active users. If we take into account that Brave gained popularity from last year, after receiving a series of new features, this is a great achievement. Last Wednesday, the browser made headlines for announcing the arrival of a feature that had been in testing for some time: the Brave Ads program, which rewards users who choose to consume advertising in the browser. In other words, the company that owns the browser will pay people for some ads while surfing the internet. As the topic caught my attention, I decided to test the service for a few days and my first impressions are positive. Google Chrome vs Brave Browser: usability and security I have been using Chrome for a long time, so much so that I was already too used to the Google browser, I even wrote about it . In these five days using Brave, which is also based on Chromium, I had to open Chrome in only two circumstances, due to specific settings of the content editor of the site. And that was enough to show the difference in loading speed between one browser and the other. Brave is known for being safe, fast and friendly. Much of this fame is thanks to the ad blocking and tracking features offered by default in the browser. Thus, unlike Chrome, it is not necessary to use extensions for this. In addition, you can import your Chrome bookmarks, browsing history and passwords folders into Brave, which made everything easier, as well as syncing devices. Even the colors of Chrome or the Google search engine itself can be added as a usage pattern. Finally, the layout of the two platforms becomes so similar that, were it not for the name of the software appearing at the top of the screen, you would hardly even notice the difference between one and the other. However, if visually everything is very similar, in relation to the navigation experience, things completely change the scenario. Brave Browser blocks ads natively and uses only the https protocol. In addition, it is possible to choose what data will be deleted at the end of a browsing session, as well as to personalize practically the entire browsing experience, whether in the address bar, through shortcuts, or directly in the settings. Of course, Chrome is also safe, after all, Google constantly updates the browser to prevent malicious software from finding loopholes in the system to steal users' data. However, being the most used browser among people, the Google browser is also the most targeted by cybercriminals. Regarding advertising blocking, Chrome has great extensions for that. In fact, compared to Brave, Google's browser certainly wins out when it comes to extensions. This is because the developers of Brave limit the use of this feature too much, in order to ensure that no malicious extension compromises the user's security. Google Chrome vs Brave Browser: privacy Regarding privacy on Brave, the standard ad blocker inhibits the tracking of online users' activities. The incognito window in Brave uses Tor to prevent any unsecured connections. Chrome, on the other hand, is a great tool from Google to make money on the activities of online users, even if it contains a request "Do not Track" the navigation traffic, it is an intrinsic feature of the service. Google Chrome vs Brave Browser: speed But the security and privacy features didn't catch my attention as much as the difference in the speed of loading pages on Brave. But how can this browser be so much faster? Both Brave and Chrome are developed on top of the Chromium system, as well as the new Microsoft Edge. The difference between these is that the lack of third-party ads on Brave means that we have less content to download before accessing a web page. That simple! The Brave team made a comparison between the loading speeds of Brave, Chrome and Firefox, in which we can see a good advantage of Brave over competitors. However, it is necessary to view this result with some caution, as much of it comes from blocking ads, so this result may not always be replicated. Google Chrome vs Brave Browser: payment method Another function that made me choose Brave was the Basic Attention Token (BAT) cryptocurrency wallet. Among other functions, BAT is a way to compensate people for the time spent on ads, as well as encouraging payment for content that is consumed on the internet, by sending contributions to the sites most used by users. However, the feature was only announced last week and is still being implemented, so I was unable to test it. In other words, when functional, you start receiving cryptocurrencies (BAT) to see advertising in the browser, not on the sites themselves. In the end, you can choose to contribute to the publications or even withdraw the value of your portfolio. Chrome, in addition to not offering this type of option, makes money from analyzing the activities of online users. In fact, this would be the currency of exchange for the fee-free use of the service. Google Chrome vs Brave Browser: was the exchange worth it? So far, the browser switch is paying off. Because of all that i describe, I will remain using Brave instead of Chrome on my computer and cell phone. The browser is secure, guarantees my privacy, loads the pages much faster, helping me a lot at this point, and as soon as the Brave Ads program is available to me, I will be able to see if this history of user remuneration is factual or another marketing trick. Of course, there are other options on the market, also lightweight, Opera is an example of that. However, the similarity and ease of synchronizing data and devices helped a lot in the transition from Chrome to Brave. If you want to download and test the Brave Browser, visit the official browser page for download - .
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  12. Browsers are the gateway for millions of people to the online world. Do you have confidence in the one you use? Times are hard on the internet. Although users have increasingly more services at their disposal, in recent years there has also been a considerable increase in the number of dangers, especially those related to privacy and security. Thanks to the internet, that idea that there are companies that follow us everywhere, that know everything we do and that even manage to guess what we want is no longer just the domain of fiction. Regardless of how each one sees these issues, the saying that prevention is better than the cure is there and for that day when you are especially concerned with your online privacy, you will want to have one of these tools by your side. Even large companies, such as Apple and Mozilla, have been adjusting their browsers to try to respond to an increasing concern from users. They want to be less tracked, they want to leave less and less 'crumbs' scattered in the online world. Download Brave Browser:
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  15. In the browser segment, the offers are many and diverse and in that sense, you have to choose the best options. It is true that Google Chrome is the most popular, but that does not mean that it is the best in several scenarios. If some browsers have tools to block ads, Brave pays users to view ads and according to various tests, Brave is also much faster than the popular Google Chrome, both on the Desktop and on mobile devices. Earn when viewing ads with Browser Brave One of the most recent and innovative features of Brave is the possibility to allow users to win when viewing ads. According to information, this browser allows the user to earn up to 70% of the ad revenue in cryptocurrencies. The new feature was called Brave Ads and the payment is in Basic Attention Tokens (BAT), a Brave proprietary currency that is based on Ethereum. In order to view Brave Ads, you must activate Brave Rewards , which is a reward system. To do this you have to go to Settings and then activate Brave Rewards. If you are looking for a modern, fast browser that helps you with privacy, then try Brave. In addition, as mentioned, you can earn money with this browser. Download Brave Browser:

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