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MyRED Traffic Tool - A hits generator tool

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This a tool to generate hits to any site. A user just need to write the site and the program automatically and in a loop will start sending hits.
This release was used against MyRED and it works. That's the reason for the name of the tool.


Virus Scan:
The main file is in plain text, the executable is in it's original form.
In case of any doubt compare the MD5 hash with the exe available from the original site.

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    • By coco1023
      Tool is Cracked
      Turn Off Anti-virus ,the product can be scanned as a virus because it is cracked
      VT: EXE :
    • By hacxx
      How to use?
      1 - Open the rar archive
      2 - Double click in the bat file
      3 - Click yes
      4 - Write your SSID message
      5 - Write the folder to output the files
      6 - Upload to a hosting service
      7 - Share the link
    • By hacxx
      Virus Scan (For the Generator)
      Virus Scan (For the dropper)
      Info This is a old method, i just play around to learn a bit more.
    • By hacxx
      This is an advanced and exclusive program to get combos (user:pass|email:pass) from multiple trusted sources. In it's current form this script is already good providing to the user a good amount of combos to test out or to reupload but because i'm releasing this scripts for free and there is money involved with combos (cracking accounts or sharing the combos) there is a private version of Hacxx Fast Combo Grabber that connects to more sources and it isn't expensive if you compare the amount of combos that you can extract. Pm me for more info.
      Virus Scan:
      The file is in plain text
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