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    • By moneybrain
      Robinhood does instant verification for an account, all you need is:
      Access to an SSN (Must have some credit), DOB, Full Name, Address, Phone Number, employment, wage, position title, and login to their bank account and email. Robinhood thought they locked down the vulnerability by preventing email codes for 2FA but they haven’t. After creating an account and using all of their info to login (including phone number and email), go into the account settings and reset the phone number first. It’ll send a code to the email. You can even use a TextPlus / TextNow / Google Voice number for verification. Then change the email and it’ll send the code to the phone number.
      Don’t trade the money, Register for the Robinhood card, and wait. You can then edit the address so the card is shipped to you. After that, move money into the trading account and then into the cash management account.
      Respect the slow money withdrawal.. Hopefully you find an old or defunct account that’s not being detected during these sessions. Robinhood is already slow to act. This only works with US persons though.
    • By hacxx
      In February 2019, the custom merchandise retailer CafePress suffered a data breach. The exposed data included 23 million unique email addresses with some records also containing names, physical addresses, phone numbers and passwords stored as SHA-1 hashes.
      Note: The archive below is a partial containing 500k unique email addresses.
      Download: (Mirrors)
    • By Bouncer
      Howdy y’all, Bouncer speaking
      We’re back again with the latest news coming straight from the most reliable source of information: The Bouncer Times (Woo-Hoo!!!)
      I hope you guys (and gals, because we can’t forget those now can we 😉) didn’t forget about me already as that would really break my poor little fragile heart…
      Quite some time ago I managed to intercept a super secret conversation between Wladyslaw (Yeah!!! 👍👍) and Obistone (Booooo!!! 👎) that was talking about… 
      I’m sure you can guess it, come on I believe in you!
      …no? Nothing? Oh well I guess I’ll have to spoil all the fun and just tell you guys... it was about me!!!
      I KNOW RIGHT?! I was completely flabbergasted too when I read that because who could’ve guessed that they were going to be talking about moi

      Sadly enough I will not be leaking what was said in this super secret private conversation between the two of them, but from what I understand it’s just about Obistone being jealous 🙂 I mean why wouldn’t he be jealous, I’m practically stealing his boss from him (poor Obi 😞🙏 ) but that doesn’t matter anymore..
      What DOES matter is the little image I made just for you @Obistone 🙂 I hope you like it. 
      Here you go! One baby bib with a nice little freshly squeezed lemon on it! Perfect for a sour boy like you (haha!) and one overused but accurate me-me.

      I hope you enjoyed reading this, don’t forget to Like this post for more sexy content and remember…

    • By hacxx
      In July 2019, the fashion and sneaker trading platform StockX suffered a data breach which was subsequently sold via a dark web marketplace. The exposed data included 6.8 million unique email addresses, names, physical addresses, purchases and passwords stored as salted MD5 hashes.
      Compromised data: Email addresses, Names, Passwords, Physical addresses, Purchases, Usernames
      Breach Disclosure:
      Download 1:
    • By MR. PROXY
      Tools is tested by me..Working..

      Credit Goes to the Maker

      Put your threads.
      Then choose your combo.
      & finally your proxies


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